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...discovering potential in the pile of trash...

I'm Glad you came by....

to take a look at some of the things I've done. Previous to 2002, I spent much of my time making woodworking projects .Click on the Woodworking Link to the left. Since that time,however, I've become some sort of an artisan who makes stuff from all manner of discards. Click on the Sculpture-Art tab to the left.

I am what the trade calls a process artist. My kind are more interested in the making of something rather than the finished product. Most that buy my art,and for that matter the general population, aren't really concerned about the details of how a piece was made. Contact me if you have any inquires about any item(s)

...about these webpages
You won't find my web pages filled with flashy things or stuff you usually find on some web pages. I'd rather spend my time trolling the trash piles in search of materials for another project or making something nice from what I have than building a glitzy presentation. There is a lot of information on my pages to go over...probably too much for just one session.

I welcome any comments or suggestions how I might improve my web site(s).


..a Few Things I've Crafted